When The Unexpected Happens

Have you ever met someone and it just didn’t click at first ? Then you give them a chance and the chemistry just isn’t there. You go through years of not caring whats going on with that old friend that you had a couple conversations with. Like you just have no type of feeling towards them and some how  you two are back trying it again…. This time you don’t plan on putting much into it other than casual conversation because you know what the end results are. They ask you to come chill all the time, they want to be around you, and seem to really be feeling you ALOT this time around.  Then all of a sudden this same non factor becomes the most amazing person you felt like you ever met. Like their conversation is the best, you do anything to see them, text them Good morning just to make them acknowledge your presence. Crazy huh? Now you’re stuck wondering whats so different this time ? Like why am I smiling when they text me? Why am I missing them ? Why am I constantly thinking about them?  They invade your dreams like no one else ever has. Now every time your’re around them you cant leave because you don’t want to say bye. Tough huh?
So you decide to swallow all your pride and just throw everything in to see if this is really where you want to be but…  the next day, after an evening of amazing intimate time together you thinking maybe we moved too fast but they reassure you that you are just over thinking it. What happens when that person seems to not be on the same page with you anymore? You become the person that they’re cordial with but don’t think about you at all. It leaves you thinking was I looking too deep into it? How did I end up caring about you and you not even remember my existence? The fact that you try and convince yourself that this wonderful person didn’t use you. Sounds familiar yet ?
Now you on your lets play tough game because you’re not understanding where this all went wrong? Did they not feel everything you felt? Like when ? What ? How? Why? So you tell yourself I didn’t care before I can do it again. You listening to music, venting on social networks, and re tweeting heartless things to convince yourself you’re over it. For some reason their stuck in your head and on your heart. Its frustrating huh ? 
You’re stuck in a place you don’t know how to leave because you don’t even know how you got there. So how do you get back to that place where that person no longer matter? Where you can see them and not feel a thing? Or get to a place mentally where it doesn’t matter if you ever see or hear from them again?


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