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AM I Really Better Than You

“He’s mine you may have had him once but I got him all the time” is the saying if the ; main” chick who man cheated. 

Proudly I can shout “I got your man”  -typical side chick.

Main women are the wifey, the one he. always run to, the one he gave a title to. As a main chick I get to be there when he’s sad, mad, and happy. Give my man my all, cook for him, be his shoulder to cry on. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my man. if he cheats I know where I stand, WE can get through this.

Well as a “side” chick I don’t have to invest much of me. We don’t deal with anything he’s going through, I come and go as I please. He comes majority of the time when I need him to. I don’t have to cook, clean, or do anything I don’t have to. I’m never worried about what he does when I’m not around.

Side chicks are looked upon as getting the low position because every woman wants to be number one. The man woman can look down on the side chick because she has the title. Does a title really make you any better? The fact that the side chick has no worries other than when is the next time she’s going to see him makes her feel better than. She gets the truth most of the time. She gets what she wants and send him back to the main woman.
The main woman have his kids, deals with everything that comes with him, and goes through the motions through thick and thin. Being a main chick is an investment but a guarantee you’re the one he comes to at night.
Side chicks roles are shifting nowadays. They’re getting bills paid, a man around when they need one, and being wives. The relationships are actually working out for the former side chicks. While the main woman are left with children, heartbreak, and headaches.               
    So My question is who is really winning?