Is She Really Crazy ?

So guys you meet this amazing girl. You really feeling her she not trying to use you, she handles her business, and stay in her own lane. Everything has been going great. You two are inseparable and she don’t complain about nothing. Everything you do is perfect to her. Like right now in that moment you know she not thinking about nobody other than you.
You calling her 4 times a day. Texts coming in and leaving out at a consistent pace.That’s your baby/boothang/bae.
She decide that you two take it another level. You agree. So after this transition to the next level your mind shift. You find yourself texting other women, not texting her much, not telling her to come through anymore. Everything is just stuck in one spot. You feeling her but your mind is just somewhere else.
All of sudden, shes blowing your phone up, telling you she’s coming through, writing statuses about you. Now its just like the twilight zone to you. You may feel like shes forcing herself on you. You interpret it she territorial, want too much, a little obsessed. Now shes crazy instead of your “baby.” You two fall out and she’s the worst person ever and your a B.A.N.S (Bit*ch Ass N*gga) to her. What put you in the mindset to think shes lost her mind ? Is it the fact she seen the connection slipping and she tried to fix it? Or is it because your mind is not there and she just seem to annoy you for no reason?
Do you honestly sit there and think to yourself is she really crazy? Did i make her this way ?
Can you honestly say she lost her mind? Or she was just a girl trying when you didn’t try to put up a fight. Maybe the communication fell off and she wanted to know where your head at.
Is it right that now you lost a good person ? Is it OK that now she thinks of you as being like the rest ? That this girl that once was so into you now think of you as a B*itch ass ?
Whats happens after this fellas ?


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