I Want That Old Thing Back

Whatever happened to that old school love ? What happened to the Times when we were in high school but were in “love?”

Phone calls turned into text. Venting is done on social media statuses. Chilling really means sex. Dates mean chilling at the house.

Really ? What happened ? Does innocent love exist anymore ?

When we were teenagers we couldn’t stay off the phone. We would even fall asleep on the phone. Nowadays we text so much you probably aren’t familiar with someone’s voice. We didn’t have jobs but found a way to go on dates. Didn’t own a car but made a way to be around each other. No cell phone but made sure you talk to that person every day.

Meeting at the movies or sitting outside and having conversation would be nice sometimes. Calling instead of texting would be great. Random calls just to see how’s my day going.
Late night conversations on the phone, walks on the beach, calling just to let me know you’re on your way to see me never seem to exist anymore.

Why was it so easy to communicate and “love” when we didn’t know what that mean ?


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