Break A Leg

You may live by the 90 day rule. Or maybe feel like making someone wait for sex is the best way to protect yourself. Maybe even feel like sex should wait until marriage.
In reality, when you first meet someone you know if you will sleep with them or not. I asked a older woman how long should you make a man wait she said “2 weeks”. 2 weeks ill surprise myself if i even remembered your name. So I’m wondering is it really benefits to waiting to have sex?

90 day rule to a woman is like the joy of knowing you making him wait. In a woman’s mind you are gaining respect for her. In actuality, nobody really waits the 90 days they are just not having sex with you. I wont get into the 90 day rule much that’s a different topic. Waiting can be beneficial in some ways or another. It also has its disadvantages too.

The new trend is having sex first and see where it goes. So basically you’re auditioning. Sex before the relationship sounds horrible (to some) but when you think about it, its not all that bad.  Just know when you have sex make it count the first time. Make sure this is the person you may want to be with. Then hit them one good time. So next time you meet that fine person and they seem like they’re perfect ask yourself “Do i really want to wait?” “Should I wasted my time by waiting 90 days and the sex is terrible?” “I’m really going to marry somebody who might have horrible genital hygiene? ”  So next time remember this may be a audition and its your time to shine. So Break A Leg !


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