How Does One Lose Hope On Ever Being Found

In your mid-twenties and early 30s older people are telling you that it’s time to settle down. Everyone in your age group is living day to day because they still figure they are too young to settle down. So what do a person do when they have their priorities in order and refuse to look for a man ? Seems like everyone in your age group that you run into isn’t doing anything with their life but you have hope because you know you’re not the only one succeeding. You wonder to yourself is success considered the new “love?”

People trying to follow their dreams are more concerned with their dreams than being with anyone. So how are you ever going to be with your deserving significant other ? They may start a friendship with benefits but you know they’ll never try to be more. Once they achieve their dreams of being a rapper, actor, or CEO you’re are now looked down on because you choose to work a normal job.

Working a job like construction, probation, or manager of a establishment making roughly 30k a year is looked down on. The question is why? These are positions you may have worked hard to get and is actually happy yet people making more thinks less of you. You start to question if you are ever going to be good enough.

The hurt of a woman who may be sleeping with a man who tells her he’s not ready and can’t look at her that way. She’s seeing the greatness in him and only have eyes for him yet he’s paying attention to everyone except her, the woman he’s sleeping with. Now that she’s feels invisible other than that phone call for sex how can she keep hope alive ?

Being a single mother makes her a statistic. She loves her child but have a desire to be married one day. Society can make her feel low for taking care of her responsibility. She’s asked”what did you save for your husband?” Yet other woman are jumping from one man’s bed to another. They’re killing children just to still holler “team no kids.” Leading her to think sometimes would it have been better if she had that abortion? Killing a innocent child because as long as she doesn’t have a child she would be desired to the successful man she wants. Would it be worth it? Or would she still be single without a child?

Maybe being African American and majority of men in her ethnicity are locked up. Why should she have to wait for one to be released? Why does she have to date the drug dealer or the man that only sees “making it” is having an occupation in the entertainment business or sports. Does she smother herself with student loans just to have more degrees so she can make more money that only goes to paying off Sallie Mae?

You ask why she lose hope? She’s looked down on for being a mother, happy, a blue collar worker. She’s pressured to change everything she is just to be seeked by a man she’s deserving of. She’s not a girl who hangs out. She lives her life day by day. Work, church, and taking care of her child. Isn’t a woman supposed to be seen and not heard? She’s supposed to have a relationship with God. The fact she doesn’t go out to be apart of society how can a man find her? The men that has found her are looking pass her. Every man wants a good girl right? She’s a great girl that actually happy with herself. She’s not perfect but she’s trying. Can’t you tell she’s trying? She has the degree, take care of her child, mature enough not to go out everytime the wind blows, she has a relationship with God. Yet is this not enough? Ask yourself again why is she losing hope on being found ?


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