He Has Done Enough

I m always seeing post about people giving God Glory just because he has done things for him. In my mind, I respect that but it makes me think “If God didnt do so much for a person, would they still give him the glory?”

Jesus died for our sins but yet people only love him and live “right” to recieve from him. Ask yourself Am I living right just to recieve something or am I doing it because its an honor to be his child.

Why do you give thanks? Is it only because he woke you up this morning ? Is it because He brought you through a situation ? Or do you do it just because you know HE is going to bless you?

I think about it like this people so caught up on only dealing with people that can do something for them. God should recieve all the praise just because of who HE is. He sent his son Jesus to die for us. God thought of us to create us. He is the most high and for Him to consider you as His own should be enough.

Dont just be thankful because he continues to bless you. Thank Him just because. No matter where you are, where you’ve been, what circumstances your circumstances are give Him the praise.  Just the thought of Him should make you say Thank you.


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