After Sex

First off, this article isn’t for the men that use women or only use women for sex.

Now I was having a conversation with a guy friend the other day and I said” if aperson change after sex they are childish.” His response was “that’s personal you can’t get mad because someone doesn’t have a connection with someone after sex”‘ so besides the point of having a connection what happens if there’s chemistry before and great sex after?

From a woman’s point of view I’ve never met a woman who talks to a man only for sex in the beginning. There’s always a reason why a woman want to sleep with a man. It could be for money, acceptance, companionship, or attraction. For a woman after sex can either be a wake up call, the beginning of delusion, or the end.

By wake up call I mean realizing what was really going on between her and that man. Waiting to see if the grace period Before really meant something. Was there really a divine connection? Is that man mature enough to keep the friendship there? Being delusional can be starting to think there’s more to it. Of course the end means it wasn’t good or no connection.

So what does women want to expect after sex? She even wants a deeper connection, to start getting some kind of benefits, or nothing to change at all.

The easiest way for a woman to feel used by a man is if there was a friendship before and after sex no communication other than “let’s have sex” text or calls.  No matter what every woman wants a guy who’s there for them after sex. You can chill and talk to a woman then after sex you can’t do anything other than have sex. Sex is better if there is chemistry and conversation outside of the bedroom.

Thinking differently of someone after sex especially if the sex was good is very childish. Sex is the language of love.  IT’S an expression.  To think less of someone because they gave themself to you is childish. I’m not talking about the one that sleeps with a guy the first night. Even if I was, a man should figure out if she did this for me or do this with everyone. If you talked to a person before sex your mindset of them shouldn’t change because they haven’t change.

After sex it all comes down to the communication. More communication or less communication. What happens after this ? Should there be more ? Clear up anything so you don’t have to deal with an a delusional woman.

So why does an expression so deep changes a person mind about someone or their actions towards someone? Why do the goodmorning text stop? Why do the lies start ?


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