Have you met your forever person ? Like that person that just won’t go away? Or are you being blind to the person that’s right in front of your face?

I guess you call them brother, homeboy/homegirl, your boo. That person that you’ve been through so much with. You may have thought of being with them. Maybe not. Someone who might be forbidden fruit.

In your mind, you may wonder why are they still my friend. Wondering how they know so much about you or deal with you and stay. Or maybe its the other way around.

If you two ever make it official, history says that you two will last. The present question is how do we get to that point. Are we just going through the motions ? You may have never admitted that you like them or love them. Probably never thought about it

When you ready to calm down maybe that person who grinds your gears is the one for you. Does the fact that you two have that agape love makes you stupid ? He/she can do anything, hurt you and you two still stay. Even if you stop talking somehow, some way you two find a way back to each other.

Does it make this person your crutch or genuinely someone that’ll always be around. COULD THIS BE WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR? Am I looking for something too perfect? He/she isn’t perfect but their perfect for me.


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