Attention or Reality ?

Think back to when you were little and people asked you ” what would you like to be growing up?” what was your answer? Some would say a doctor, lawyer, or maybe firefighter. So why is it now that we’re older everyone is trying to be in front of the camera?  Every show on TV is reality TV and every fiction show is a web show. A simple photo shoot a woman is considered a model. Anything that goes viral makes a person a celebrity. 

Do any one want to normal anymore and live the ” American Dream’? Everyone is trying to be relevant to people they may never meet. Most reality TV with African American characters are drama based. Every show has a side chick, the diva, the person who can’t control their temper, or the idiot.  What is really the purpose for these reality shows? 

What happen to keeping lives private? Real music artist and actress run from the spotlight while others are trying to be apart of it. Getting likes and followers are changing people into “celebrities”. People that actually get into the spotlight can they really say this is something they dreamed about? 
Is everything for attention now? What makes a person sell their soul to be in front of the camera? Why is everyone trying to be models, actress, actors, and photographers?  Does any of this have to do with wanting to be accepted ? 

Being on certain shows can ruin your chance to live a normal life afterwards. Displaying to the world a certain type of character can hinder a person from getting a normal job. Sex and drama is what sells nowadays and everyone is trying to do it. Whats wrong with being “normal”?


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