Social Media Causes Break Ups?

How many times have you heard some one say they broke up because of social media?

Wasn’t social media created for people to network and be sociable?

So how can one possibly break up because of social media?

A lot of people are starting to form relationships over social media but the problems that arise from being friends after that point can lead to break ups. You may have accepted a friend request and started a relationship soon after with this person. It can lead a person to think maybe they are talking to other people now. Maybe they’re in someone inbox trying to get with them. The fact that the opposite sex is speaking to them may make you feel some type of way.

What happens when one day they decide to unfriend you? Is the relationship over? Would that make you mad? Where does it goes from there? What if they never posted picture of you two? Or never write a status about you?

Say you meet on twitter and all of a sudden they stop retweeting you or they never @ you. What about the days where people express they’re admiration for someone else. Would you be mad if your significant other had someone else as their MCM or WCW?

My question to you is does it really matter if you and your significant other are friends on the social media pages?

Does meeting on social media create a problem before there can ever be a problem?


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