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Have you met your forever person ? Like that person that just won’t go away? Or are you being blind to the person that’s right in front of your face?

I guess you call them brother, homeboy/homegirl, your boo. That person that you’ve been through so much with. You may have thought of being with them. Maybe not. Someone who might be forbidden fruit.

In your mind, you may wonder why are they still my friend. Wondering how they know so much about you or deal with you and stay. Or maybe its the other way around.

If you two ever make it official, history says that you two will last. The present question is how do we get to that point. Are we just going through the motions ? You may have never admitted that you like them or love them. Probably never thought about it

When you ready to calm down maybe that person who grinds your gears is the one for you. Does the fact that you two have that agape love makes you stupid ? He/she can do anything, hurt you and you two still stay. Even if you stop talking somehow, some way you two find a way back to each other.

Does it make this person your crutch or genuinely someone that’ll always be around. COULD THIS BE WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR? Am I looking for something too perfect? He/she isn’t perfect but their perfect for me.


Attention or Reality ?

Think back to when you were little and people asked you ” what would you like to be growing up?” what was your answer? Some would say a doctor, lawyer, or maybe firefighter. So why is it now that we’re older everyone is trying to be in front of the camera?  Every show on TV is reality TV and every fiction show is a web show. A simple photo shoot a woman is considered a model. Anything that goes viral makes a person a celebrity. 

Do any one want to normal anymore and live the ” American Dream’? Everyone is trying to be relevant to people they may never meet. Most reality TV with African American characters are drama based. Every show has a side chick, the diva, the person who can’t control their temper, or the idiot.  What is really the purpose for these reality shows? 

What happen to keeping lives private? Real music artist and actress run from the spotlight while others are trying to be apart of it. Getting likes and followers are changing people into “celebrities”. People that actually get into the spotlight can they really say this is something they dreamed about? 
Is everything for attention now? What makes a person sell their soul to be in front of the camera? Why is everyone trying to be models, actress, actors, and photographers?  Does any of this have to do with wanting to be accepted ? 

Being on certain shows can ruin your chance to live a normal life afterwards. Displaying to the world a certain type of character can hinder a person from getting a normal job. Sex and drama is what sells nowadays and everyone is trying to do it. Whats wrong with being “normal”?

Her – A Future Tale About Partnerships of Today

Movies and Society

By Stephan Manning.

Did you ever fall in love with an operating system? This is what Theodore Twombly does in Spike Jonze’s much discussed movie Her (see Trailer). Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is portrayed as a rather introverted man who is suffering from an impending divorce from his long-time partner Catherine. To make a living, Theodore writes personal love letters on behalf of others who have difficulties expressing their feelings. One time he decides to purchase an operating system with artificial intelligence for his personal use. The system calls itself Samantha and talks to Theodore with a female voice (Scarlett Johansson). Impressed with Samantha’s emotional intelligence and ability to learn, Theodore gradually develops a relationship with her. To some, Her might be a clever science fiction story – the vision of non-human companions who may give us more affection and attention than human beings. Others might see a story of…

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AM I Really Better Than You

“He’s mine you may have had him once but I got him all the time” is the saying if the ; main” chick who man cheated. 

Proudly I can shout “I got your man”  -typical side chick.

Main women are the wifey, the one he. always run to, the one he gave a title to. As a main chick I get to be there when he’s sad, mad, and happy. Give my man my all, cook for him, be his shoulder to cry on. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my man. if he cheats I know where I stand, WE can get through this.

Well as a “side” chick I don’t have to invest much of me. We don’t deal with anything he’s going through, I come and go as I please. He comes majority of the time when I need him to. I don’t have to cook, clean, or do anything I don’t have to. I’m never worried about what he does when I’m not around.

Side chicks are looked upon as getting the low position because every woman wants to be number one. The man woman can look down on the side chick because she has the title. Does a title really make you any better? The fact that the side chick has no worries other than when is the next time she’s going to see him makes her feel better than. She gets the truth most of the time. She gets what she wants and send him back to the main woman.
The main woman have his kids, deals with everything that comes with him, and goes through the motions through thick and thin. Being a main chick is an investment but a guarantee you’re the one he comes to at night.
Side chicks roles are shifting nowadays. They’re getting bills paid, a man around when they need one, and being wives. The relationships are actually working out for the former side chicks. While the main woman are left with children, heartbreak, and headaches.               
    So My question is who is really winning?

Baby’s Hungry: A Daddy’s Perspective on Nursing (and Nursing in Public)

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

by Jay Parr

I was about twelve, riding the DC Metrobus home from school, when a woman started complaining loudly about another woman breastfeeding her baby on the bus. I didn’t see anything, so I don’t know if the nursing mother was covered up or not, but that’s irrelevant here. The complaining woman made her way up to the driver, a taciturn and tough-looking man who looked like he would as soon cut your throat as say hello (I remember him because he drove that route often). He focused on the afternoon traffic as the woman complained, until he came to a light and she demanded, “Well? Aren’t you going to do something?”

The driver looked out at the cross traffic for a moment, absently drumming his fingers on the fare box, then turned to the woman and shrugged.

“Baby’s hungry.”

I can’t say for certain that the woman immediately…

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Social Media Causes Break Ups?

How many times have you heard some one say they broke up because of social media?

Wasn’t social media created for people to network and be sociable?

So how can one possibly break up because of social media?

A lot of people are starting to form relationships over social media but the problems that arise from being friends after that point can lead to break ups. You may have accepted a friend request and started a relationship soon after with this person. It can lead a person to think maybe they are talking to other people now. Maybe they’re in someone inbox trying to get with them. The fact that the opposite sex is speaking to them may make you feel some type of way.

What happens when one day they decide to unfriend you? Is the relationship over? Would that make you mad? Where does it goes from there? What if they never posted picture of you two? Or never write a status about you?

Say you meet on twitter and all of a sudden they stop retweeting you or they never @ you. What about the days where people express they’re admiration for someone else. Would you be mad if your significant other had someone else as their MCM or WCW?

My question to you is does it really matter if you and your significant other are friends on the social media pages?

Does meeting on social media create a problem before there can ever be a problem?

When The Unexpected Happens

Have you ever met someone and it just didn’t click at first ? Then you give them a chance and the chemistry just isn’t there. You go through years of not caring whats going on with that old friend that you had a couple conversations with. Like you just have no type of feeling towards them and some how  you two are back trying it again…. This time you don’t plan on putting much into it other than casual conversation because you know what the end results are. They ask you to come chill all the time, they want to be around you, and seem to really be feeling you ALOT this time around.  Then all of a sudden this same non factor becomes the most amazing person you felt like you ever met. Like their conversation is the best, you do anything to see them, text them Good morning just to make them acknowledge your presence. Crazy huh? Now you’re stuck wondering whats so different this time ? Like why am I smiling when they text me? Why am I missing them ? Why am I constantly thinking about them?  They invade your dreams like no one else ever has. Now every time your’re around them you cant leave because you don’t want to say bye. Tough huh?
So you decide to swallow all your pride and just throw everything in to see if this is really where you want to be but…  the next day, after an evening of amazing intimate time together you thinking maybe we moved too fast but they reassure you that you are just over thinking it. What happens when that person seems to not be on the same page with you anymore? You become the person that they’re cordial with but don’t think about you at all. It leaves you thinking was I looking too deep into it? How did I end up caring about you and you not even remember my existence? The fact that you try and convince yourself that this wonderful person didn’t use you. Sounds familiar yet ?
Now you on your lets play tough game because you’re not understanding where this all went wrong? Did they not feel everything you felt? Like when ? What ? How? Why? So you tell yourself I didn’t care before I can do it again. You listening to music, venting on social networks, and re tweeting heartless things to convince yourself you’re over it. For some reason their stuck in your head and on your heart. Its frustrating huh ? 
You’re stuck in a place you don’t know how to leave because you don’t even know how you got there. So how do you get back to that place where that person no longer matter? Where you can see them and not feel a thing? Or get to a place mentally where it doesn’t matter if you ever see or hear from them again?

Is She Really Crazy ?

So guys you meet this amazing girl. You really feeling her she not trying to use you, she handles her business, and stay in her own lane. Everything has been going great. You two are inseparable and she don’t complain about nothing. Everything you do is perfect to her. Like right now in that moment you know she not thinking about nobody other than you.
You calling her 4 times a day. Texts coming in and leaving out at a consistent pace.That’s your baby/boothang/bae.
She decide that you two take it another level. You agree. So after this transition to the next level your mind shift. You find yourself texting other women, not texting her much, not telling her to come through anymore. Everything is just stuck in one spot. You feeling her but your mind is just somewhere else.
All of sudden, shes blowing your phone up, telling you she’s coming through, writing statuses about you. Now its just like the twilight zone to you. You may feel like shes forcing herself on you. You interpret it she territorial, want too much, a little obsessed. Now shes crazy instead of your “baby.” You two fall out and she’s the worst person ever and your a B.A.N.S (Bit*ch Ass N*gga) to her. What put you in the mindset to think shes lost her mind ? Is it the fact she seen the connection slipping and she tried to fix it? Or is it because your mind is not there and she just seem to annoy you for no reason?
Do you honestly sit there and think to yourself is she really crazy? Did i make her this way ?
Can you honestly say she lost her mind? Or she was just a girl trying when you didn’t try to put up a fight. Maybe the communication fell off and she wanted to know where your head at.
Is it right that now you lost a good person ? Is it OK that now she thinks of you as being like the rest ? That this girl that once was so into you now think of you as a B*itch ass ?
Whats happens after this fellas ?