How Does One Lose Hope On Ever Being Found

In your mid-twenties and early 30s older people are telling you that it’s time to settle down. Everyone in your age group is living day to day because they still figure they are too young to settle down. So what do a person do when they have their priorities in order and refuse to look for a man ? Seems like everyone in your age group that you run into isn’t doing anything with their life but you have hope because you know you’re not the only one succeeding. You wonder to yourself is success considered the new “love?”

People trying to follow their dreams are more concerned with their dreams than being with anyone. So how are you ever going to be with your deserving significant other ? They may start a friendship with benefits but you know they’ll never try to be more. Once they achieve their dreams of being a rapper, actor, or CEO you’re are now looked down on because you choose to work a normal job.

Working a job like construction, probation, or manager of a establishment making roughly 30k a year is looked down on. The question is why? These are positions you may have worked hard to get and is actually happy yet people making more thinks less of you. You start to question if you are ever going to be good enough.

The hurt of a woman who may be sleeping with a man who tells her he’s not ready and can’t look at her that way. She’s seeing the greatness in him and only have eyes for him yet he’s paying attention to everyone except her, the woman he’s sleeping with. Now that she’s feels invisible other than that phone call for sex how can she keep hope alive ?

Being a single mother makes her a statistic. She loves her child but have a desire to be married one day. Society can make her feel low for taking care of her responsibility. She’s asked”what did you save for your husband?” Yet other woman are jumping from one man’s bed to another. They’re killing children just to still holler “team no kids.” Leading her to think sometimes would it have been better if she had that abortion? Killing a innocent child because as long as she doesn’t have a child she would be desired to the successful man she wants. Would it be worth it? Or would she still be single without a child?

Maybe being African American and majority of men in her ethnicity are locked up. Why should she have to wait for one to be released? Why does she have to date the drug dealer or the man that only sees “making it” is having an occupation in the entertainment business or sports. Does she smother herself with student loans just to have more degrees so she can make more money that only goes to paying off Sallie Mae?

You ask why she lose hope? She’s looked down on for being a mother, happy, a blue collar worker. She’s pressured to change everything she is just to be seeked by a man she’s deserving of. She’s not a girl who hangs out. She lives her life day by day. Work, church, and taking care of her child. Isn’t a woman supposed to be seen and not heard? She’s supposed to have a relationship with God. The fact she doesn’t go out to be apart of society how can a man find her? The men that has found her are looking pass her. Every man wants a good girl right? She’s a great girl that actually happy with herself. She’s not perfect but she’s trying. Can’t you tell she’s trying? She has the degree, take care of her child, mature enough not to go out everytime the wind blows, she has a relationship with God. Yet is this not enough? Ask yourself again why is she losing hope on being found ?


He Has Done Enough

I m always seeing post about people giving God Glory just because he has done things for him. In my mind, I respect that but it makes me think “If God didnt do so much for a person, would they still give him the glory?”

Jesus died for our sins but yet people only love him and live “right” to recieve from him. Ask yourself Am I living right just to recieve something or am I doing it because its an honor to be his child.

Why do you give thanks? Is it only because he woke you up this morning ? Is it because He brought you through a situation ? Or do you do it just because you know HE is going to bless you?

I think about it like this people so caught up on only dealing with people that can do something for them. God should recieve all the praise just because of who HE is. He sent his son Jesus to die for us. God thought of us to create us. He is the most high and for Him to consider you as His own should be enough.

Dont just be thankful because he continues to bless you. Thank Him just because. No matter where you are, where you’ve been, what circumstances your circumstances are give Him the praise.  Just the thought of Him should make you say Thank you.

After Sex

First off, this article isn’t for the men that use women or only use women for sex.

Now I was having a conversation with a guy friend the other day and I said” if aperson change after sex they are childish.” His response was “that’s personal you can’t get mad because someone doesn’t have a connection with someone after sex”‘ so besides the point of having a connection what happens if there’s chemistry before and great sex after?

From a woman’s point of view I’ve never met a woman who talks to a man only for sex in the beginning. There’s always a reason why a woman want to sleep with a man. It could be for money, acceptance, companionship, or attraction. For a woman after sex can either be a wake up call, the beginning of delusion, or the end.

By wake up call I mean realizing what was really going on between her and that man. Waiting to see if the grace period Before really meant something. Was there really a divine connection? Is that man mature enough to keep the friendship there? Being delusional can be starting to think there’s more to it. Of course the end means it wasn’t good or no connection.

So what does women want to expect after sex? She even wants a deeper connection, to start getting some kind of benefits, or nothing to change at all.

The easiest way for a woman to feel used by a man is if there was a friendship before and after sex no communication other than “let’s have sex” text or calls.  No matter what every woman wants a guy who’s there for them after sex. You can chill and talk to a woman then after sex you can’t do anything other than have sex. Sex is better if there is chemistry and conversation outside of the bedroom.

Thinking differently of someone after sex especially if the sex was good is very childish. Sex is the language of love.  IT’S an expression.  To think less of someone because they gave themself to you is childish. I’m not talking about the one that sleeps with a guy the first night. Even if I was, a man should figure out if she did this for me or do this with everyone. If you talked to a person before sex your mindset of them shouldn’t change because they haven’t change.

After sex it all comes down to the communication. More communication or less communication. What happens after this ? Should there be more ? Clear up anything so you don’t have to deal with an a delusional woman.

So why does an expression so deep changes a person mind about someone or their actions towards someone? Why do the goodmorning text stop? Why do the lies start ?


Have you met your forever person ? Like that person that just won’t go away? Or are you being blind to the person that’s right in front of your face?

I guess you call them brother, homeboy/homegirl, your boo. That person that you’ve been through so much with. You may have thought of being with them. Maybe not. Someone who might be forbidden fruit.

In your mind, you may wonder why are they still my friend. Wondering how they know so much about you or deal with you and stay. Or maybe its the other way around.

If you two ever make it official, history says that you two will last. The present question is how do we get to that point. Are we just going through the motions ? You may have never admitted that you like them or love them. Probably never thought about it

When you ready to calm down maybe that person who grinds your gears is the one for you. Does the fact that you two have that agape love makes you stupid ? He/she can do anything, hurt you and you two still stay. Even if you stop talking somehow, some way you two find a way back to each other.

Does it make this person your crutch or genuinely someone that’ll always be around. COULD THIS BE WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR? Am I looking for something too perfect? He/she isn’t perfect but their perfect for me.

Attention or Reality ?

Think back to when you were little and people asked you ” what would you like to be growing up?” what was your answer? Some would say a doctor, lawyer, or maybe firefighter. So why is it now that we’re older everyone is trying to be in front of the camera?  Every show on TV is reality TV and every fiction show is a web show. A simple photo shoot a woman is considered a model. Anything that goes viral makes a person a celebrity. 

Do any one want to normal anymore and live the ” American Dream’? Everyone is trying to be relevant to people they may never meet. Most reality TV with African American characters are drama based. Every show has a side chick, the diva, the person who can’t control their temper, or the idiot.  What is really the purpose for these reality shows? 

What happen to keeping lives private? Real music artist and actress run from the spotlight while others are trying to be apart of it. Getting likes and followers are changing people into “celebrities”. People that actually get into the spotlight can they really say this is something they dreamed about? 
Is everything for attention now? What makes a person sell their soul to be in front of the camera? Why is everyone trying to be models, actress, actors, and photographers?  Does any of this have to do with wanting to be accepted ? 

Being on certain shows can ruin your chance to live a normal life afterwards. Displaying to the world a certain type of character can hinder a person from getting a normal job. Sex and drama is what sells nowadays and everyone is trying to do it. Whats wrong with being “normal”?

Her – A Future Tale About Partnerships of Today

Movies and Society

By Stephan Manning.

Did you ever fall in love with an operating system? This is what Theodore Twombly does in Spike Jonze’s much discussed movie Her (see Trailer). Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is portrayed as a rather introverted man who is suffering from an impending divorce from his long-time partner Catherine. To make a living, Theodore writes personal love letters on behalf of others who have difficulties expressing their feelings. One time he decides to purchase an operating system with artificial intelligence for his personal use. The system calls itself Samantha and talks to Theodore with a female voice (Scarlett Johansson). Impressed with Samantha’s emotional intelligence and ability to learn, Theodore gradually develops a relationship with her. To some, Her might be a clever science fiction story – the vision of non-human companions who may give us more affection and attention than human beings. Others might see a story of…

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AM I Really Better Than You

“He’s mine you may have had him once but I got him all the time” is the saying if the ; main” chick who man cheated. 

Proudly I can shout “I got your man”  -typical side chick.

Main women are the wifey, the one he. always run to, the one he gave a title to. As a main chick I get to be there when he’s sad, mad, and happy. Give my man my all, cook for him, be his shoulder to cry on. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my man. if he cheats I know where I stand, WE can get through this.

Well as a “side” chick I don’t have to invest much of me. We don’t deal with anything he’s going through, I come and go as I please. He comes majority of the time when I need him to. I don’t have to cook, clean, or do anything I don’t have to. I’m never worried about what he does when I’m not around.

Side chicks are looked upon as getting the low position because every woman wants to be number one. The man woman can look down on the side chick because she has the title. Does a title really make you any better? The fact that the side chick has no worries other than when is the next time she’s going to see him makes her feel better than. She gets the truth most of the time. She gets what she wants and send him back to the main woman.
The main woman have his kids, deals with everything that comes with him, and goes through the motions through thick and thin. Being a main chick is an investment but a guarantee you’re the one he comes to at night.
Side chicks roles are shifting nowadays. They’re getting bills paid, a man around when they need one, and being wives. The relationships are actually working out for the former side chicks. While the main woman are left with children, heartbreak, and headaches.               
    So My question is who is really winning?

Baby’s Hungry: A Daddy’s Perspective on Nursing (and Nursing in Public)

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

by Jay Parr

I was about twelve, riding the DC Metrobus home from school, when a woman started complaining loudly about another woman breastfeeding her baby on the bus. I didn’t see anything, so I don’t know if the nursing mother was covered up or not, but that’s irrelevant here. The complaining woman made her way up to the driver, a taciturn and tough-looking man who looked like he would as soon cut your throat as say hello (I remember him because he drove that route often). He focused on the afternoon traffic as the woman complained, until he came to a light and she demanded, “Well? Aren’t you going to do something?”

The driver looked out at the cross traffic for a moment, absently drumming his fingers on the fare box, then turned to the woman and shrugged.

“Baby’s hungry.”

I can’t say for certain that the woman immediately…

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